The NEW Gregoire GX9 large canopy grape harvester with side arm destemmer is available to purchase in Australia and ready to harvest for vintage 2021. Gregoire’s engineering team listened to growers around the world, particularly in Australia and the USA, determining exactly what they needed in a grape harvester. The design requirement for the new Gregoire GX9 side arm destemmer machine is to handle large yielding, big canopy crops that can simply and efficiently destem fruit while a discharge arm deals with the long rows we have in both countries.   

Gregoire has implemented many changes from the existing G9.330 machine, such as a new cabin and driving system, as well as improving the picking head design and conveying system. The main change on the picking head was moving the picking posts forward, allowing the machine to pick faster. 

The EASYCLEAN destemming system is adapted from the GL Twin bin series; it  is easy to use and set up and requires very little maintenance. Testing in Australia and the USA produced outstanding results, with the new GX9 picking fruit using the destemmer at quantities up to 32 tonnes per hectare at a groundspeed of 3.2km/h. 

The new machine from Gregoire gives the owner flexibility, with the choice to pick fruit using the EASYCLEAN destemmer system or convert - with a flick of a switch - to a normal 4-5 fan machine. 

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